Reza Nayebi from Press TV and introducing modern Iran to the world

Reza Nayebi is a producer in Press TV. He creates modern style videos to introduce modern Iran to the world. Reza is also a top Iranian food critic. He is knows as his pseudonym Mr. Eater in the food business. In this episode, I'm talking to Reza about his experiences in traveling to different provinces of Iran and shooting magnificent videos to his new line of work, food critiquing. This episode was spoken in English.

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Episode Highlights:

02:12 - Reza introduces himself.

02:31 - Zanjan

03:07 - Ash or Persian pottage of herbs and noodle

03:53 - Taste of Iran, Mr. Eater & Mr. Taster food critiquing

04:19 - Iranian cuisines are the best in the world

04:44 - Were you born in the U.S.?

05:57 - How did you end up in show business?

06:22 - Taste of Iran on Instagram, the website and the free app

07:14 - A typical day of Reza Nayebi

07:58 - How long it takes to create one episode of Iran program and how it’s made?

09:04 - Persian poetry and literature.

10:01 - Your show on iFilm.

10:32 - Living in Tehran be like

11:24 - Can a foreigner easily live in Iran?

12:23 - Best sectors of businesses investments in Iran.

13:00 - Entertainments in Tehran

14:04 - How many cities have you visited

14:22 - A funny story about Shiraz

15:02 - Coolest place in Iran?

15:44 - Recommendations for those who doubt to come to Iran.

16:40 - Press Plus program on Press TV.

17:26 - Should Press TV produce some happy or funny programs?

19:35 - Those who partake to produce one Iran program on Press TV.

20:35 - Are you funny in Real life as well?

21:17 - Who'd be your favorite character to meet if you could choose from all history of  mankind?

21:59 - Future plans?

22:36 - Another funny story about Nazri (charitable act of offering food to your neighbors)

24:01 - When did you got bald?


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