Pros and Cons of Studying as an International Student in Iran

Studying in Iran

It is common nowadays to leave behind the comfort of your home country and study in another country, just to gain some extra juicy knowledge. But is it actually a good idea to be an international student and study in Iran? That is what I want to find out.

In this episode I am speaking with Dr. Henelito Sevilla, Assistant Professor of international relations from University of the Philippines (UP).

Dr. Sevilla received his bachelors degree from Mindanao state university (MSU) in the Philippines. He further pursued studying in higher education in Iran where he achieved a Masters degree from University of Shahid Beheshti in Tehran, and a PhD degree from University of Tehran. Being an international student and obtaining a PhD degree from the best university in Iran is a valuable experience. In this session we have talked about his experience in living and studying in Iran. We have also talked about different possibilities of receiving admission and scholarship from best universities of Iran.

This episode was spoken in English.

Do you have experience in applying for Iran? Let us know what are your expectations or experiences in studying in Iran?

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Episode Highlights:

05:42 - Bachelors Degree, Mindanao State University
06:13 - Geopolitical status of Mindanao region
08:10 - Studying Persian language first
11:25 - Full scholarship for Masters Degree
14:22 - Available scholarships in Iran
17:20 - How to receive university admission and scholarship
19:15 - College life in Iran
22:30 - Competing with Iranian students
24:05 - Comparison between Tehran and other provinces
25:30 - How is University of Shahid Beheshti in Tehran?
27:40 - How is University of Tehran for a PhD student?
30:00 - Pros and cons of pursuing higher education in Iran
32:15 - The process of learning Persian language
34:10 - Deterioration of Persian language after coming back from Iran
36:40 - Did it worth studying in Iran?
40:00 - Activities about Iran in Asian center at the University of the Philippines
44:10 - Speaking in Farsi

Useful Links:

Resume of Dr. Henelito Sevilla, Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Dean for Administration and Public Affairs.

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