Marcel Bassirian and the message of Rumi

Marcel Bassirian is a globally renowned Iranian American lecturer. He has well studied and educated the Persian literature over the years. He currently travels to different countries throughout the world to share the thoughts and beliefs of Rumi in both Persian and English languages. His aim is to distribute the philosophy and the profound messages of Rumi to the people from different ages, colors and ethnicity. Marcel Bassirian is a worldwide respected lecturer with many appearances on U.S. national TV and radio channels. He also has his own YouTube channel where most of his lectures about Rumi could be found. (Linked below the post)

After a long chasing through email communication, we finally met and I had the chance to finally speak with Mr. bassirian in a beautiful park. This episode is spoken entirely in English. We recorded it in one awesome afternoon in the beautiful Park-e-Daneshjoo (Park of Students) which is in the vicinity of city theater in Tehran. The place is really spectacular and is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran. So I do highly recommend every one to check this place when you just arrived in Tehran one day. Also if you are ready to learn more about Rumi, don't miss this episode.

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Episode Highlights:

06:00   Introducing Mr. Masoud Bassirian

09:00   A mission to accomplish

14:30   Traveling school to school, sharing Rumi's thoughts

16:20   Youth and travel

20:40   About the Rumi

27:15   How much do people know about Rumi

33:55   What is the benefit of knowing Rumi

39:55   Get in contact with Mr. Bassirian


Useful Links:

More about Rumi

Marcel Bassirian's Website

Marcel Bassirian's YouTube Channel

Tehran's City Theater Website



  1. Hello,
    I’m from Morocco, and I’m glad i fell on your interesting podcasts. I appreciate how much energy and time you put into teaching foreigners about Persian cultures. Hats off for that.
    Please, I wonder if you could add subtitles for previous podcasts, the early ones that discuss basic issues about Iran, I am very interested.

    • Hello Dear Salma,
      I should say that unfortunately I can’t put a subtitle for episodes. Being said, podcast is an audio feed, it doesn’t support subtitles. If you mean it just the similar way synchronized lyrics are shown in music players, I still can not do that as well merely for technical and timing constraints. Also writing transcripts either in Persian or English for any of the episodes would be sooooooo time taking. Ideally, I want that too, but honestly, it’s not something that you could see on this podcast even in the future. By the way thanks for your opinion.

  2. Thank you for you quick reply, I understand your point and I would like to thank you again for your devotion and thank also your guests. Your pods-casts are great motivation to start learning Persian. Best of luck

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