Leyla Shams and ‘Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation’ Podcast

Today if you're a native English speaker and you want to learn another language, you will easily find many sources available online. Videos, apps, podcasts, programs, newsletters, etc. Many companies produced valuable products which are easy to follow and in most cases they do really make the whole process of learning a language a lot easier. All you have to do is to listen and repeat. Keep it going and after a few months, whoa la! You can speak just another language (by the definition).

However, as of now I believe when it comes to Persian language, these online sources are notably limited. But worry no more! There is a jewel in this plain. Something that was and still is needed. An excellent podcast that teach you conversational Persian language step by step. This podcast is up and running for around 7 years now and most of you guys know it. 'Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation' by Leyla Shams.

Leyla Shams, as the founder and the host of 'Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation' podcast, lived in the United States since she was three. Among others, she is a talented host, an architect, a blogger, a wife and a mother. In this episode I talked to Leyla and asked her about her good podcast, her experience in teaching Persian language, living in Austin, Texas and a lot more.

Leyla is the teacher of many who already started learning Persian language online. To find more about it, I recommend listening to this episode where we get to know more about her. This episode is spoken entirely in Farsi.

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Episode Highlights:

06:20 - Please introduce yourself

07:55 - How did you end up living in the United States?

09:00 - Are you still coming to Iran sometimes?

09:50 - Living in Dallas be like...

11:10 - Living in United States "could be" very boring sometime.

12:05 - Would you rather completely live in Iran?

12:40 - Are you following the news in Iran?

13:00 - How many cities in Iran have you visited?

14:20 - Where did you got your Bachelor's degree?

14:45 - What makes you thinking about teaching Persian language?

16:55 - Have you taught Farsi in a classroom?

17:30 - Where the name "Chai and Conversation" comes from?

18:22 - How many are working on this podcast?

18:40 - Who's Mat?

21:30 - Can Mat speak Farsi fluently?

22:10 - Do you think you've reached your aim?

23:20 - Are you going to keep more videos?

24:50 - Ruz is here.

28:30 - Will you teach your son Persian language?

29:20 - Can you read and write in Farsi?

29:55 - Teaching one word per day on Facebook page.

32:20 - Persian cuisines in the United States.

33:42 - Could all Iranian fruits be found in the United States?

35:10 - Following Iranian movies and series?

37:00 - Taarof in Texas.

37:55 - Speaking one language correctly

39:27 - Ghelyoon (or Hookah) in the U.S.

40:00 - How can people contact you?


Useful Links

The website, Facebook page and Twitter of "Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation"

Leyla's video about Taarof in the Iranian tradition (on YouTube)

Iranian cooking & recipes by Najmieh Batmanglij (website)

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