Introduction to Persian calligraphy, with Dr. Tandis Taghavi

Persian calligraphy is the aesthetic inscribing accompanied by creating beauty. A calligrapher is someone who endeavors to create a beauty with artistic values in addition to inscribing the body of a text.
This art is categorized as a visual art and despite its presence almost in all cultures, it shines in the eastern countries. Specifically the Islamic countries.
Persian calligraphy is a prodigious equilibrium between the elements of a text. The size of each letter forms a constant proportion that exceeding it disregards a century-long agreement between the calligrapher and the audience.
To find out more about the Persian calligraphy, check out this episode. Here I sat with and talked to Dr. Tandis Taghavi about her path in this line of art. She is a national calligrapher who conducted her art exhibition in several countries. This episode was spoken entirely in Farsi.


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Here is Dr. Taghavi's note to this podcast.


I asked my guest to write the name of 10 of our fans; I gave her many names and she wrote 25 names instead. Check out, maybe your name is here!


In this episode, we are talking about the required tools for Persian calligraphy. So here are the tools.


Here I have selected some of the fine writings of Madam Tandis Taghavi. All of the following works are categorized as "Qur'an scribing".

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