Formal and Conversational Farsi & The beautiful city of Tehran


Persian language is used in formal and informal or conversational forms. In this episode I talked about difference between conversational and written Farsi. This episode was recorded almost right after I arrived to Iran after quite a while, so I felt like talking to you about my impressions about city of Tehran. Tehran is really beautiful. This episode was spoken entirely in Farsi.

در این قسمت من در بخشی درباره شهر تهران و در بخش دیگر درباره تفاوت زبان فارسی محاوره ای  و زبان فارسی رسمی یا نوشتاری صحبت میکنم. این قسمت نیز همانند دو قسمت قبل به زبان فارسی می باشد


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