Enthusiasm is the main motivation in learning Persian language

Fourteen years ago, Hans Jokisch from Germany started learning Farsi. Today he is fluent in it and in this episode, he shares some of the tips and tricks in progressing in this challenging but beautiful language.

Hans is a close friend although I know him only for four years. This friendly chat took place in the beautiful Rizal park in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Here we are talking about Iranian culture, Iranian people, Persian language and how to master it, little bit about Manila, little bit about Munich (Germany), and little bit about everything. Hope you enjoy it.

This episode was spoken in Farsi.

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Episode highlights

15:22 - How you started learning Farsi?

15:56 - Do not rush yourself to learn.

17:26 - How many languages you speak?

19:48 - Do you think or dream in Farsi as well?

20:15 - The Philippines.

22:16 - Traffic.

23:35 - Manila formula, "do only one thing per day."

24:07 - A usual day.

26:44 - How many times a year you go back to Germany?

28:25 - Have you been in Iran?

31:06 - Drinking tea.

32:14 - Would you like to live in Iran?

33:01 - Do you teach Persian language?

33:44 - Fastest way to learn Farsi.

39:10 - A message to Germans.

42:07 - A note that I believe in.

Useful links:

Official website of maestro Shahram Nazeri.


Hans' note

Rizal Park, Manila. December 2017.

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