Salam. I'm Hosein Pouriman. Technically a chemical engineer and a hard working dude. Born in 1988. I'm of those people who hates being behind a long red traffic light without a book to pull out. I always carry a good book with me, have a podcast ready to play (in my blue iPod shuffle) and severely oppose wasting time no matter how and where. I'm self trained in English. I can also get a little kick out of different languages.

I have great passion in many fields. May sound odd, but that's how it is. That's how I really feel deep down. And somehow I want to pursue all of that in some form.

Science, technology and industry, culture (including poetry and literature), music, traveling, martial art (in this case Judo), sticking to and studying about religion (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), reading and creative activities  are my interests.

So far life has been great, no complaint whatsoever.

What is Persian podcast about?

In shortest definition, it's about knowing more about  Iran. On this Podcast I am privileged to go out and speak to people. Experts and non experts. I have the passion to connect you to the heart of Iran in a friendly manner. Here we talk about language, literature, music, art, cinema, poets, history, magnificent places to visit, travel plans and the list appears endless.

Where this idea came from?

There are many myths and misconception about Iran specially from a westerner point of view. Combined my keen interest in listening to educational podcasts and the enthusiast to represent real Iran brought me to "Wait a minute... I think I can do that!". Now is the time to start fixing the vague image of Iran in the minds of those who have little to no idea about "what is it like in Iran".


Museum of cinema in Tehran. May 2016